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Mission and Philosophy


St. Procopius Dual Language School is an institution of primary learning pledging itself to educating children of all Chicago-area families wishing to provide for their children a learning environment incorporating all elements of a traditional liberal education (Language, Reading, Writing, Science, Math, Social Studies and the Arts) using English/Spanish dual-language instruction and dedicated to the Catholic faith, multicultural immersion, and racial and ethnic diversity.  The mark of an education at St. Procopius Dual Language School is rooted in the concept of cura personalis—care for the whole person.  We strive to prepare students to live lives enriched in faith, knowledge, wisdom, intellectual curiosity and multiculturalism—all the while instilling in each student a desire to cultivate a positive sense of one’s own humanity.


In the Catholic tradition, St. Procopius Dual Language School is committed to aiding those families who, though they may desire to provide this unique English/Spanish dual-language educational opportunity for their children, may not have the financial means necessary to do so.  With a sense of inclusion, fairness, and helping those in need, St. Procopius Dual Language School will, to the best of its ability, devote itself to enriching the educational experience of its students by enrolling students from all walks of life—regardless of their socio-economic status, ethnicity, race or creed.

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