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Full-Day Spanish Immersion

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As early as 3 years old our students are immersed in the Spanish language.

State of Illinois law requires the following age limitations for admission:

  • 3 yr old PreSchool:  3rd birthday on or before September 1.

  • 4 yr old PreSchool:  4th birthday on or before September 1.

Preschool students must be thoroughly potty trained.

Areas of Development

Helping preschoolers develop greater independence and problem-solving skills. Our preschool program provides a foundation for developing greater independence, problem-solving, integrating new concepts into their world view and incorporates elements to promote sharing and mutual respect. Teachers help children to understand routines, which simultaneously allows them to feel competent and confident in their current preschool classrooms and prepares them for kindergarten.

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Learning Initiatives

  • Provide authentic learning opportunities.

  • Are involved in guiding children through exploration activities and building knowledge by asking questions and listening to their thoughts.

  • Engage children in hands-on activities

  • Provide the children with the tools to develop critical thinking skills.

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